How to Pick a Sunscreen That’s Safe for Coral Reefs and Aquatic Life

Hopefully, before you head to the beach, you’ve already looked for some safe sunscreens for your body. But if you’re not reading labels, and if you don’t understand what the ingredients on those labels are, studies show the product you’re lathering on your skin could actually pose a grave threat to the ocean environment. These sunscreens […]

Italian Designers Bank on Future Cemeteries Filled with Trees, not Coffins

Oftentimes, when someone dies, friends or loved ones plant a tree in that person’s memory. Instead of simply putting someone in the ground and marking the end of a life, planting a tree serves as a living memorial which provides an aesthetic and peaceful reminder of a treasured life. But what if, instead of planting a […]

IKEA Launches Sustainable DIY Indoor Garden

IKEA continually proves itself to be one of the most environmentally-friendly companies on the planet. The Swedish home furnishings retailer introduced a hydroponic garden last year that allows you to grow fresh produce in your home without any soil or gardening experience, and the company ditched Styrofoam packaging for biodegradable packaging that you can actually […]