Perdue Farms Releases First Chicken Welfare Report, Says Improvements Being Made

One of the largest chicken producers in the United States, Perdue Farms recently released its first-ever chicken welfare report in July 2017. The company says it has taken important steps to follow through on plans it announced a little over a year ago to change the way it raises and slaughters chickens. [1] Perdue says […]

FINALLY: If You Live in Oregon, You can Have Your Roadkill and Eat it, Too

Good news for people living in Oregon: if you hit something on the road while you’re driving, you can legally scrape it up and throw it on the bar-bee-cue. Well, with a permit, of course. Waste not, want not – isn’t that what Grandma always said? In mid-June 2017, Oregon Governor Kate Brown signed a […]

How Eating Animal Products Could Make Blood More Likely to Clot

Researchers announced in April that they may have figured out how eating meat causes heart disease. The nutrient choline, an essential nutrient found in meat and eggs, may feed a certain gut bacteria which produce a compound that makes blood sticky and prone to form blood clots. These blood clots can lead to heart attacks and […]